The Ultimate Coating For Fiberglass Pools

polyFIBRO® is an advanced aquatic coating designed to address the problems of traditional gel-coat and paint finishes on fiberglass pools. This unique pool coating is a durable thermo-polymer coating that won’t chip or peel. polyFIBRO® comes in a range of colors and shades, making it simpler to apply than gel coatings. Let Derby City Pools turn your ordinary pool or spa into an attractive, low-maintenance centerpiece with polyFIBRO® pool coating.

High-performance coatings for fiberglass pools

What Makes polyFIBRO® Pool Coatings Unique?

  1. Durable finish that won’t blister like traditional gel coatings and paints.
  1. No need to wait, fill immediately after installation.
  1. Flexible coating designed to endure the fiberglass pool shell.
  1. Choose from a variety of colors and custom options.
  1. Easy to repair.

Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool Finish

ecoFINISH® Pool Coatings are environmentally friendly and offer numerous green attributes:

  • Requires less energy to manufacture compared to cementitious materials.
  • Easier to transport, reducing shipping weight.
  • Simpler Installation.
  • Longer lifespan reduces the need for multiple replacements, saving energy.
  • Requires fewer chemicals for water maintenance, reducing manufacturing and chemical exposure.
  • Materials are recyclable if physically removed from the pool.
  • Coating powders have an indefinite useful lifetime and don’t require landfill disposal.
  • Eliminates end-of-job waste associated with cementitious finishes.

Traditional Swimming Pool Finish Vs. polyFIBRO®

Backed with a Warranty

The polyFIBRO® Pool Finish comes with a warranty that stands out in the pool coating industry. Unlike other warranties, we don’t require perfect water chemistry and proof of maintenance. Our Limited Warranty covers

  • Chemical resistance
  • Chalking Resistance
  • Surface Mildew Growth Inhibition
  • Crack Resistance
  • Spall and Delamination Resistance
  • Organic Stain Resistance

Learn more about our comprehensive warranty.

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