A Palette of Beautiful Choices

Whether you choose a more traditional look or add a dramatic splash of color, our luxurious finishes set the stage for the ultimate in luxury and leisure. Now just add LED lighting system and let the pool parties begin!

(NOTE: The colors shown are not precise and are intended as a guide only. Colors will change when water is added to the pool.)

A Range of Stunning Colors Available

Imagine Pools Colors

Ocean Blue
Reef Blue
Coral Blue
Volcanic Black
Storm Grey
Ice Silver
Beach Sand

Add a dash of “shimmer” for a stunning, sparkling finish.

Barrier Reef Pools Colors

Sandstorm Shimmer
California Shimmer
Evening Sky Shimmer
Ocean Shimmer
Aquamarine Shimmer
Midnight Shimmer
Arctic Shimmer

Ready to Make Your Pool Dreams Come True?

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