Enhance & Clean Your Pool Water

Our UV Ozone Systems are the best on the market and can easily be added to your existing pool or installed with your new pool. This high flow unit is designed for easy single-unit installation, reliability and serviceability. The UVO water treatment can improve and enhance pool water better than a residual sanitizer alone. It also supports the MODEL AQUATIC HEALTH CODE for use as a supplementary disinfection system.
HyroRite Water Treatment UV Systems for Pools

Prevents micro-organism growth

Breaks down chloramines

Reduces dependence on chemicals

Optimizes water clarity

Zero chemical by-products

Water Quality – Advanced water treatment systems combining 3 powerful disinfectants to deliver exceptional sanitization and the finest level of water clarity and purity.

Reduces Chloramines – Cuts chloramines by 50%, eliminating chlorine odors and maximizing swimmer comfort.

Cost Savings – Reduces overall chemical usage and chlorine demand by 50% or more, cutting overall chemical costs.

Natural Sanitization – Reduces overall chemical usage and chlorine demand to provide a natural and environmentally friendly swimming experience.


HydroRite UVO Advanced Water Treatment system delivers a level of water purity unmatched by any other swimming pool sanitization method. This supplementary system releases a powerful trio of disinfectants -UV, Ozone and Advanced Oxidants — that work synergistically in pool water to inactivate chlorine-resistant microorganisms.

HydroRite UVO‘s premier sanitization works in collaboration with chlorine to dramatically reduce overall chemical usage and even lessen total chlorine demand by 50% or more. With less chemicals used, it’s the more natural way to sanitize that’s friendly to both the environment and your wallet.

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