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From a simple addition of a new in-ground swimming pool, to a full backyard makeover including patios, water and fire features, pool houses and beyond, Derby City Pools has the professional team to make your dream a reality! We install beautiful, quality fiberglass pools in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas, incorporating the best design features and finishes available in the fiberglass pool industry.

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Sump Systems for Fiberglass Pools

A properly installed sump system is vital to the longevity of a pool. They are a cheap insurance policy and is included in every pool we install. There are misconceptions that pools can just pop out of the ground, not true. This can only happen to a fiberglass pool when the ground water behind the pool shell becomes higher than the water in the pool. This is why we install sump systems in every pool. If you must drain your fiberglass pool for a repair, then you want to make sure there is no water behind the shell. If your pool has a liner, there is risk for water to get in between the liner and concrete, this will make the liner float and it will need a repair. We have installed several after this problem has occurred.

Drainage Systems

In ground pool drainage being installed

Proper grading and drainage systems around a pool can make or break the life of a pool project. If you’re not properly moving surface water away from your pool you may end up with a complete mess and even a disaster. Years ago, some pool decks were poured to slope toward the pool and it was thought the pool would filter the water. We have found that this increases your cost of chemicals and can flood out a pool completely!

We have learned from the past and have changed industry practices so that we are not creating these problems later down the road. We always slope pool decks away from the pool. We’ve even installed deck drains, when needed, to move water off solid deck surfaces and out away from pools and permanent structures. In some projects, we must install subsurface drainage systems to capture and move water out of the usable areas so we do not get water behind the pool, retaining walls, foundation, etc.

Backed with a Lifetime Warranty

When you invest in an Imagine Pools™ composite fiberglass swimming pool, you’re not just buying a healthy new lifestyle, you’re buying into the most advanced composite construction technology on the market. In fact, Imagine Pools™ swimming pools are so well made, we stand behind them with a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty. Here’s the best part: health experts consider swimming to be one of the best total body exercises you can do – and it’s one of the best in bringing friends and families together for your social health. Which may just mean that the more time you spend in your Imagine Pools™ composite fiberglass swimming pool, the more you’ll get out of it. That’s a pretty nice return on your investment.

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